Tutoring Services

With Reliable and Professional, 24*7 access to Online Resources, Free Assessment, Individually, tailored lesson plans, Soft-spoken and friendly Tutors, Regular Feedback

One to One Online Tutoring

A fully interactive and focused session with the child. We encourage the child and the parents to continuously share their concerns and put forward their doubts and discuss the topics with the Tutors.
Utmost care is taken to provide you with a suitable tutor after the assessment so that the area of concern raised during the assessment is addressed and the Tutor well connects with the child while Teaching.
The lessons are customized as per the child’s need and performance, so we bring out the very best by providing extra support in the areas the parents and the child are concerned and which could help the child gain confidence in that particular subject.

One to Four Online Tutoring

We make sure to not put many students in an online session. Not more than 4 students will be there in any given session so the ratio of one Tutor to 4 students is maintained.
The students in the session will be of the same year group and studying the same subject and we try our best to match the requirements of the students so that everyone is able to grasp what is been taught at the same pace.
These sessions are fully interactive and each one is still able to raise their questions and concerns equally during the lessons.

Center-based Tuition In Ashford, Surrey

At Academic Achievement, we aim at helping students overcome their fears and perform well in their subjects. Our center-based tutoring is limited to 10 students per session so that each student can get the attention they need. We encourage our students to share their doubts and concerns with their tutors so that any problems can be addressed quickly and effectively.
We welcome students from Year 1 to Year 11, those who have any doubts and concerns related to their subject or the whole course, to Come and Join us and explore the possibilities. Our assessment process helps identify the areas where your child needs extra attention or additional support. We offer a variety of resources and support to ensure that your child gets the academic achievement they need.

Our Key Attributes Are:

  • A small class of not more than 10 students in a session.
  • DBS checked staff.
  • All resources provided.
  • Individual logins.
  • Science, math, and English from year 1 to year 11.
  • Fully monitored and tracked.