Back to School: Tips for Parents

Back to School: Tips for Parents

The leisurely summer is over, and the new academic session is about to begin. As the new school term commences, there are a lot of tasks on the to-do list that need to be done. For starters, re-scheduling the bedtime. 

We all become relaxed on holidays even as adults, so it is quite natural that the kids will have developed a disorganised sleep schedule over the long summer break. Thus, to keep the first day back to school hassle-free, we can start by sending the kids to bed early for a week before the new term begins.

You are off to a good start if you have already fixed the sleep schedule with school around the corner. Here are some of the tips for parents before the first day of the new school year arrives:

Make lunch plans in advance: 

One of the most important tasks that needs our undivided attention, as parents, we don’t want our kids to munch on junk food and disturb their health at the beginning of the school year. So, the easy thing to do is to create a mini calendar for a week’s lunch. 

Take a look at the refrigerator, organise the available resources, and create a list of packed lunches for the week in advance. Keep the lunch boxes set aside in the kitchen since missing the alarm is not an unrealistic expectation on school days.

Get organised: 

A new academic year can evoke mixed emotions for your kids. It can be existing for them from the perspective of meeting new friends, reconnecting with old mates, exploring the school and getting anxious about what to wear on the first day, or having the notebooks and pencils for the classes. 

These mixed emotions are not bad but to make sure it doesn’t become overwhelming for your kids, you can help them get organised. Going for pre-back-to-school shopping with your kids, helping them choose their clothes, school supplies, backpacks, and lunch boxes to develop a positive mindset towards the new term.

Talk about homework:

As the new term in school commences, the kids will be submerged in homework. This can be overwhelming for all grades, whether it is year 4 or year 10. Studying is stressful for the students.

Kids can find some subjects difficult. It is important to support your kids with their homework at the beginning of the new term. One approachable method to help your kids with their homework is to go for a quick revision session about the topics from previous years. 

Getting submerged with too much homework after a long summer break can be overwhelming for your kids. Guide them to take it slow. The best way to support your kid’s education is to get them a private tutor. 

Looking for a tutoring centre near your locality or online tutoring classes is a hectic task. Academic Achievement makes the search easier for you by offering tuition classes for all the subjects from year 1 to year 11. Enrolling your kids in private tuition is the perfect step for you to help your kids enjoy the new term at school without getting worried about surprise class tests.

Empower Your Child’s Academic Journey Today!

While kids in higher grades are old enough to take care of their homework, it would still hurt to let them know that you are there to support them whenever they need it. Since it becomes extremely important for them to maintain a good academic performance in their year. 

To help them with their studies, speak to your kids and understand how you can support them in their GCSE preparations. At Academic Achievement, we offer GCSE tuition services to help students pass their GSCE exams with flying colours!

With the new school year just round the corner, help your kids in their new term by enrolling them in online tuition or back-to-school revision classes to help them enjoy the new term to the fullest.

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